The Tuscany Cluster

The Tuscany Region

The Tuscany Region “DG Diritti di Cittadinanza e Coesione Sociale Area di coordinamento Sistema socio-sanitario regionale”, a public institution whose role is to coordinate the actions related to the organization of the health and social services in the Tuscany region. The region, since 2003 has been a promoter of innovative models in the field of management of chronic diseases. Physical Adapted Programmes for stroke management have been now widely adopted and integrated in its programming policies.

University of Siena

University of Siena, Department of Information Engineering is engaged in R&D activities in the fields of mobile communication systems, remote sensing, network services, signal and image processing for bio technology and biomedicine and wireless sensor network. Since 2006, UNISI has been supporting the Regional government in the design and development of ICT solutions applied to health care, with a main focus on remote monitoring of individuals affected by chronic diseases.


AUSL11 - Local Health Authority 11 of Empoli of Tuscany Region manages the health services within an area of 994 km, subdivided 15 Municipalities for a total population of about 230000 citizens. Its mission is health care delivery by an integrated network of services for promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, and a network of social services based either at hospital and community level. AUSL 11 is the leading local health unit in relation to ICT applications in the management of chronic diseases (stroke).

Signo Motus

Signo Motus srl a SME specialized in e-health services for the rehabilitation field (Hospitals, Cares, etc.). The company plays the role of facilitator by integrating hi-tech within the clinical environment. Signo Motus is currently coordinating one of the largest project in the field of tele-rehabilitation (CLEAR Project) supported by the programme ICT-PSP in partnership with the Tuscany region and the local health unit of Empoli (AUSL 11). Its role in CLEAR is to provide HW & SW platform, maintenance and support for the service provision to the citizens. Currently more than 10 clinical sites have been equipped in Tuscany. The company has a branch in Tuscany purposely conceived to implement innovative service in the health sector.

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Project Data

  • Project Name:
    Regional ICT based Clusters for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration
  • Start/End Date:
    Sep. 2010 - Aug. 2013
  • Project Coordinator:
    Regione Toscana (Italy)
  • Scientific Coordinator:
    Signo Motus s.r.l. (Italy)
  • Consortium:
    15 partners
    (IT, SE, UK, PL)
  • Call:
    FP7 Capacities –
    Region of Knowledge –
  • Project costs:
    € 3.381.262

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