01.07.2016 8th International Conference e-Health 2016 (Call for Paper)
21.12.2015 Premio eHealth4all
21.07.2015 7th International Conference e-Health 2015 (Call for Paper)
17.07.2014 6th International Conference e-Health 2014 (Call for Paper)
25.10.2013 International Workshop: Preventive Medicine, Integrated Care and ICT
24.07.2013 IADIS International Conference - e-Health 2013
02.07.2013 King's Fund International Conference
11.06.2013 The TeleHealth Toolkit - Tuscany Information Day
17.04.2013 Reseach Brockerage Workshop - United Kingdom
20.03.2013 Reseach Brockerage Workshop - Sweden
28.02.2013 International workshop "E-Health business models for chronic conditions" - Poland
17.12.2012 Health 2.0
26.11.2012 Clear project: Final results
23.11.2012 Research Brokerage Workshop - Tuscany
03.09.2012 The future of Primary Health Care in Europe
01.09.2012 ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ Telehealth Implementation Toolkit
05.07.2012 Almedalsveckan VLL seminarium
03.07.2012 Sixth International Symposium on e-Health Services and Technologies
14.06.2012 XII Primary Care Congress: Between chronic care model and proactive medicine
14.06.2012 Study tour on Stroke
12.06.2012 10th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics
07.05.2012 eHealth Week 2012 - Investing in Health Systems of the Future
07.05.2012 EU-US cooperation on eHealth (eHealth Week)
06.03.2012 International Congress of Telehealth and Telecare
24.02.2012 Regional System of Medical Information of the Lodz Region
07.02.2012 Shaping the future of health care
01.02.2012 The RICHARD project and hitherto results
30.11.2011 Microsoft ehealth event: Partnering for Better Health
22.11.2011 National Forum on Risk management in Health
16.11.2011 Stora Demensdagen
02.11.2011 Innovation driven by elderly users
01.11.2011 Regional workshop: first project results
10.10.2011 9th European Week of Regions and Cities
08.09.2011 17th WONCA 2011 Conference
07.07.2011 A model for shared ICT in the social health system. [How to meet industry and health care system]
22.06.2011 Il progetto RICHARD
14.06.2011 “Primary Care: Regional strategies to improve efficacy and equity while guaranteeing economic sustainability”.
13.06.2011 Assisted Living Innovation Platform Conference
07.06.2011 Health Services Research Network,Service Delivery and Organization network Joint Conference
14.04.2011 eHealth Conference – 3rd Exhibition-conference on e-Health
09.12.2010 Telehealth Master Class
12.10.2010 Information day on the Richard Project in Poland
16.09.2010 Are EU innovation and research policies making a difference in regions of the Baltic Sea Area?
01.09.2010 Written information about the start of RICHARD project
Richard Factsheet
Boosting Telehealth in Lodz - Cluster results
Boosting Telehealth in Vasterbotten - Cluster results
Boosting Telehealth in Tuscany - Cluster results
Boosting Telehealth in Yorkshire - Cluster results

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Project Data

  • Project Name:
    Regional ICT based Clusters for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration
  • Start/End Date:
    Sep. 2010 - Aug. 2013
  • Project Coordinator:
    Regione Toscana (Italy)
  • Scientific Coordinator:
    Signo Motus s.r.l. (Italy)
  • Consortium:
    15 partners
    (IT, SE, UK, PL)
  • Call:
    FP7 Capacities –
    Region of Knowledge –
  • Project costs:
    € 3.381.262

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