The project activities revolve around a patient and community centric approach for an efficient management of chronic diseases analyzing innovative clinical practices that can combine efficacy and effectiveness of the health service provided to the citizens.

The work-plan is based on six highly complementary work-packages, three of which corresponding to the phases of analysis, elaboration of the Joint Action Plan and measures towards its implementation as specifically requested by the Regions of Knowledge call for proposal. The other work-packages will focus on horizontal activities (management, dissemination and assessment) and on the mentoring actions to be performed for the benefit of the region of Lodz (Poland).

WP1: Management

Coordination of the various project activities and risks.

WP2: SWOT analysis of regional ICT Models for the delivery of care in chronic pathologies

This activity intends to clearly identify the needs for evolution in e-health services from pathologies driven ICT based models (focusing on the particular chronic diseases), to regional sustainable chronic care models. To do so, a thorough analysis focusing on different and yet complementary activities, resources and policies operating in the regions is needed. The outcome is a set of specific needs, which will work as the main requirements for the elaboration of the Joint Action Plan in the direction of sustainable chronic care models.

WP3: The Joint Action Plan Design

The WP deals with the elaboration of a Joint Action Plan (JAP) to coordinate cooperation among the participating regions in the years to come. The JAP will be inspired to the principle of regional economic growth and to the shared vision of health and healthcare products and services, as drivers of development in the participating regions.

WP4: Measures towards the Implementation of the Joint Action Plan

This activity deals with a series of measures to be implemented in the second phase of the project as preliminary or supporting the implementation of the Joint Action Plan. These activities are identified on the basis of the strategic orientation of the project, shared by all participating regions, and structured along the "action drivers" to be followed for the elaboration of the JAP.

WP5: Mentoring Activities

Contributing to raise the research and innovation profile of less advanced regions is a key objective in the project. Mentoring activities in the project will essentially focus on the region of Lodz in Poland. The rationale is to fully involve Lodz into a permanent cooperation framework with the other participating regions and more in general to facilitate the opening of its research community to cooperation with other European stakeholders (in particular investors). Other "open mentoring" activities will be designed by the JAP and generally aimed at least research developed regions, not directly involved in the project. The description of such activities and the guidelines for their implementation will be defined in the JAP.

WP6: Dissemination and Communication

The WP deals with the need to set up efficient dissemination and communication activities for the project. Its main objectives are to make sure that:

  • The RICHARD project is widely known within the European community of health and healthcare research and innovation specialists;
  • Information related to project activities is directed in the most appropriate and wide way to the research and business communities of the participating regions.

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Project Data

  • Project Name:
    Regional ICT based Clusters for Healthcare Applications and R&D Integration
  • Start/End Date:
    Sep. 2010 - Aug. 2013
  • Project Coordinator:
    Regione Toscana (Italy)
  • Scientific Coordinator:
    Signo Motus s.r.l. (Italy)
  • Consortium:
    15 partners
    (IT, SE, UK, PL)
  • Call:
    FP7 Capacities –
    Region of Knowledge –
  • Project costs:
    € 3.381.262

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